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Greetings! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm currently a 16-years-old shotacon in California. This blog contains shotacon and nsfw materials, enjoy!
Len Kagamine x Tokyo Ghoul wip ò w o
inspired by: link

(´・ω・`) I see a lot of hate for shotacons lately? I don’t get it are they trying to defends little anime characters? Is that what social justice tumblr people are doing now (´・ω・`) ?

ah but that’s no good right

when your parent caught you drawing porn

but they didnt say anything so you dont know if they even saw it or not

then you just sit there like


Anonymous sent: Hi! Shaoran Li shota please please please please please *////*

here ya go anon!

shaoran li was a cute one (≧◡≦)